“Luang” means “Yellow bean” in Thai. We spent time in Thai in our 20’s, so we named our Tofu shop “Luang” and opened it in April 2006. The location of our shop, “Ryujin village” is the place where Tofu producing used to be very flourishing before. There are clear rivers where Ayu (Sweetfish) live and a lot of gifts from mountains. While we were producing Tofu with firewood from the mountains, we strongly began to want to share this great nature and lifestyle with everyone. So we reopened our shop as “Tofu & Botanical Kitchen LOIN” and began to express it with dishes.




Lunch course only available from 12:00
Please make sure you are seated by 12:00
Door opens at 11:30

Tables are limited to 2 groups (Max 4 guests each / including children) per day

Chef 's recommended course : 3,300 yen with tax
7 dishes, desert and coffee or tea

Don't forget to order our exciting selection of aperitifs that come complete with amuse (a small appetizer).
All of our aperitifs provide a perfect beginning to your relaxing lunch in the mountains.
(Aperitifs are not included in the lunch course)

The "7 Ingredients" required for tofu making have been passed down from ancient times in Ryujin Village, and you can see their power and influence elegantly displayed in each plate.

We sincerely hope your dining experience can give you but a small taste of the genuine abundance of life in Ryujin Village.

We believe that Tofu has the power to connect the past and the future.

Please make a reservation by the day before with the contact form in this website or telephone (0739-79-0637).



We boil soybeans with the fire of local wood to make our Tofu. That’s the most unique point of Lion’s Tofu. The heat of firewood makes the soy taste stronger and sweeter. The soybeans are all domestic from Shiga and Shimane prefecture in Japan. We soak and boil it carefully with the natural spring water welling from our garden. This making process is very simple, however, very profound, and the precious culture that has continued without changing in this Ryujin village.


Tofu & Botanical Kichen LOIN Tofu & Botanical Kitchen LOIN るあん

LUNCH11:00 - 15:00
CAFE15:00 - 18:00
TEL0739 - 79 - 0637
ADRESS259, Ryujimmura Komatagawa, Tanabe Shi, Wakayama, 645-0521, Japan
Tofu & Botanical Kitchen LOIN るあん 店内


Please fill out the following contact form for any questions, inquiries, and reservations. We will contact you the next day or later.
If you are in a hurry, please call us at 0739-79-0637.
(From overseas: +81-739-79-0637)