The ''7 ingredients'' required for tofu making have been passed down from ancient times in Ryujin Village, and you can see their power and influence elegantly displayed in each plates.

Course Lunch

7 Ingredients


Mineral ミネラル

Brown rice soup  Fukinoto  Grilled Tofu
Terroir 風土
Buckwheat flour tart  Chicken liver  Jerusalem artichoke
Spring Water  湧水
Steamed Tofu  Walnut
Beans Field 豆のある風景
Kuzu Tofu  soybeans OOISHI  Arugula & Mashroom saute
Ancient Fire 薪火
Cha Tofu  Venison  Straw scent
Memory 記憶
White dressed Vegetables  smoked River fish AMAGO
Passion 情熱
Bisque of Shrimp  Fried Tofu ATSUAGE
Afterglow 余韻

Blancmange of Tofu  Plum Granita

Gateau Chocolat of OKARA  Chantilly & Meringue

 Coffee or Chai, Tea


Chef’s recommended course : 5,500 yen with tax.
7 dishes, desert and coffee or tea.


We sincerely hope your dining experience can give you but a small taste of the genuine abundance of life in Ryujin Village.

We believe that Tofu has the power to connect the past and the future.