LOIN’s new challenge will begin

“Tofu shop Luang” started in 2005 was reopened as “Tofu & Botanical Kitchen LOIN” in 2019. This “Tofu” means not only Tofu itself but also handwork in the lifestyle of mountain villages. While “Botanical” refers to the blessing of nature as well as plants. We would like to create our dish just like weaving colorful clothes with vertical threads of “Tofu”and horizontal threads of “Botanical”. We live with shared gifts from nature. Hoping that this lifestyle will continue in the future, we cook the familiar ingredients with a bit of foreign flavor. We would like to share the wisdom of the ancestors who have survived in the nature of Wakayama, which is gentle but severe sometimes. If you eat our dishes, be filled with the smell of food obtained in the mountains and have a happy time, we couldn’t be happier. There are many Tofu shops that go out of business in Japan. However, we strongly hope that Tofu made from the soybeans which are grown carefully by farmers, clean water, Nigari (Bittern) from the ocean will continue to be made in various places in the future. For that, we would like the children to think “Tofu shop is cool!. “LOIN”is the challenge for that.

Owner chef, Kiyoshi Ozawa